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When you wake up in the morning, we know you really don’t want to buy a surety bond. But you need it because it's part of the system.

You probably like the bonding agent you’re with and you’re happy and so forth, but are you sure you have enough bonding authority and you’re paying the lowest price for your bonds?

Does This Apply To You?

  1. You want more competitive rates
  2. You want an agency always available for consultations when you are thinking about going after future projects
  3. You want a larger amount of bonding aggregate so you are able to bid more and larger jobs
  4. You want to learn about additional bidding job sites to supplement those you are now using
  5. You want to learn about your realistic alternatives if declined for a bond or a particular project
  6. You are uncomfortable with the new staff you’re working with after the agent you were with retired or sold the agency
  7. Your agent is a general insurance agent, not a surety bond specialist, and you wonder if that really is the best arrangement for the success of your surety bonding business?
  8. You have a complicated situation that requires the expertise of a real problem solver like us who will make the extra effort
  9. You are currently dissatisfied with your agent, options, choices, situation, etc
  10. You need an agent authorized to obtain a bond for you backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) Surety Bond Guarantee Program

If any one resonates with you or you see something that you want to explore further, get in touch with us by replying to the email you received, filling out the contact form above or even calling us directly.

We’re here to help you not just in the immediate future, but to grow your business over the years regardless of the state of the economy.

Bob Goldstein
Chairman and CEO
Unique Surety and Insurance Services, LLC

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All Across America We Are Hearing From Our Clients
Who Have Enjoyed "The Ease Of Getting It Done"

After 30 years of owning and operating businesses both nationally and internationally I rarely endorse or provide opinions regarding a company or individual. I am making an exception; Unique Surety & Insurance Services is a rare and select family owned company with the experience of a Fortune “500” company.

Ron, An operator of a national business in Indiana

We are a painting contractor and needed our first bond. Unique Surety made the process quick and painless. It is always a pleasure working with them.

Rebecca, A municipal painting contractor in California

We changed to Unique Surety after being with a bonding agent for 5 years. Unique Surety arranged for much higher performance bonding limits at a much better rate which opened the door to greatly expanding our business. Without Robin and her staff at Unique Surety we would absolutely not be where we are today.

Kari, A contractor in Montana

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We've been underwriting for 40 years working with only the most reputable surety carriers nationwide.

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We offer sound business advice to help you build your bonded business.

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All Across America We Are Hearing From Our Clients
Who Have Enjoyed "The Ease Of Getting It Done"

Thank you to Unique Surety for always coming through for us for our performance, payment and maintenance bonds!

Isabel, A contractor from Colorado

It is great having a bonding company that never says no. They are always able to meet the deadlines that we have for bid bonds and performance bonds. They make the bonding process easy!

Goci, A contractor in New Jersey

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